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Village Administrator

The Administrator serves as the chief administrative officer for the daily operations of the Village and reports directly to the Village Board of Trustees. This is a full-time, salaried position appointed by the Village Board. He/she serves the Board in the development and implementation of its legislative policies. The Administrator shall manage, analyze, direct, supervise, evaluate, be responsible for and coordinate all departments, divisions, and services of Village Government and of all officers and employees thereof which are under the control and jurisdiction of the Village Board as provided by law, and to make recommendations respecting the same to the Board.

2022 Annual Financial Report


Village of Hobart 2036 Comprehensive Plan

2023 Annual Village Operating Budget

2024-2028 Capital Projects Plan (Adopted August 15, 2023)

Aaron Kramer.jpg

Aaron Kramer

Village Administrator

(920) 869-3804

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