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Snow & Ice Removal

Maintaining safe driving conditions during the winter months is a priority for the Division of Public Works (DPW).  In this effort, the Village uses the Snow / Ice Policy as a guide in responding to winter weather events.  The Village employs four 5 yard Plow Trucks with wings, two pick-up plow trucks, and an articulated end loader equipped with a snow blade to remove snow from the roadways and trails. This equipment is manned by the Division of Public Works & Utilities Coordinator, four full time crew members, and seasonal crews.

The Village’s 87 mile network of roads (174 lane miles) are prioritized as Arterial, Collector and Local roads.   During strong and extended storm events, the DPW crews place a priority on maintaining Arterial and Collector roads (link to map). When such events are winding down, then the crews commence clearing snow from all the roads.  It takes the crews 6 to 8 hours to make a complete pass through their routes.

In addition to plowing snow during and after storm events, pending weather conditions prior to a storm event, the Division also applies salt brine in strategic areas in efforts to prevent ice formation and providing improved snow removal capability in intersections, hills, and curves.

When roads have been cleared after a storm event, the DPW crews then focus their efforts on snow removal from Village sidewalks along Village owned properties and recreation paths.  Since the Village will not incur overtime for snow removal on sidewalks and recreation paths, these areas may not be cleared immediately after a storm event, but will be cleared during normal operation hours after roads have been cleared. 

Wisconsin State Statutes §346.94 Miscellaneous Prohibited Acts:

(5) Placing injurious substance on highway. No person shall place or cause to be placed upon a highway any foreign substance, which is or may be injurious to any vehicle or part thereof.

- Please do not plow snow across the roadways. This causes piles of snow on the shoulders that freeze and may cause a hazard and damage to the road plows. -


All Night Parking Prohibited, Hobart Municipal Code Section 264-3 (A):

No person shall park a vehicle on any street or road within the Village between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. from November 1 through March 31 of each year.


  1. Determine if your concern is regarding a county road or a village road (see list below for county roads).

  2. If it is a county road, please call Brown County Highway Department at (920) 492-4925.

  3. If it is a village road, please call 920-869-3807.  This number will put you in direct contact with a Village staff member working on the snow removal routes.

  4. As a back-up to the above phone number during snow events only, residents should contact Public Works & Utilities Coordinator at 920-655-3719.

  5. Residents may email comments/concerns at any time before, during or after a snow event.


NOTE: Always dial 9-1-1 if you are in a life-threatening situation or have a medical emergency.

County Roads (not cleared by the Village of Hobart):

  • Highway 54 - W. Mason

  • Highway 172 - Airport Drive

  • Cty Hwy GE - S. Pine Tree Rd (Except between Orlando and Nathan)

  • Cty Hwy EE - Orlando

  • Cty Hwy J - Riverdale

  • Cty Hwy FF - Hillcrest

  • Cty Hwy G - Fernando

  • Cty Hwy E - Freedom Rd

  • Cty Hwy EB - Packerland

  • Cty Hwy U - County Line Road

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