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Fire Department

The Hobart fire department is an all volunteer department serving the villages 33 square miles and a population of over 10,000. There are two fire stations.  Station I is located on the corner of S. Pine Tree Road and Florist Drive housing an Engine, Tender and a Brush truck. Station II is located on Country Court off N. Overland Road and houses an Engine, Tender, Heavy Rescue, and a six wheeler for wild land fires.


What we do

The Hobart fire department responds to over 250 calls a year, some of the calls are structure fires, car accidents, extrication, carbon monoxide checks, search and rescue, and wild land/brush fires.

The fire department is also responsible for the semi-annual fire inspections for commercial businesses, issuance of burning and fireworks permits, and public fire education events.

The Hobart firefighters meet regularly two times a month for a business meeting and a training meeting. Several other training opportunities and public education events are held throughout the year.


Your members

The Hobart fire department is led by the Fire Chief who is assisted by an Assistant Chief of Training, Assistant Chief of Safety, Captain of Maintenance, Captain of Administration, and the Firefighters.

Hobart firefighters are all trained to a minimum of state level firefighter 1 certification. Many of our firefighters continue their training to be certified in other areas of expertise, including firefighter II, Engine operator, Haz-mat, Extraction, Instructor, Fire Inspector, and Safety to name a few. Training is paid for by the Village, State or Federal government.


Why become a member?

Becoming a Hobart firefighter does require a minimum of 120 hours of training and a one year probationary period, the commitment is substantial. But ask any of your Hobart firefighters and they will give you many reasons for joining. In addition to everything noted above there is also the fun things we do, some of these include an annual corn roast, Christmas party, bowling and golfing tournaments, waterfight contests with other departments, parades and charity events. In addition there is a length of service program to reward members for their years of service and a policy to pay members based on their participation of drills, meeting, and incident calls.


Jerry Lancelle

Fire Chief

Phone: (920) 655-3719


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