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Village Clerk-Treasurer

The Village Clerk-Treasurer works under the direction of the Village Administrator to carry out the day-to-day administrative tasks associated with municipal government. The Village Clerk-Treasurer is a full-time position appointed by the Village Administrator with the advice and consent of the Village Board, and may be removed from office by the Village President with the consent of the Board, in accordance with all applicable Wisconsin Statutes. 

The Clerk-Treasurer's department has the following responsibilities:

  • Elections Administration;

  • Records Retention and Management;

  • Serving as Secretary at all public meetings;

  • Monitoring Village finances and investments;

  • Monitoring Tax Assessments and Special Charges;

  • Fulfilling requests for information;

  • Administering oaths of office and serving as a notary public.

Clerk - Treasurer
Erica Berger

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