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Planning & Code Compliance

Welcome to the Village of Hobart Department of Planning & Code Compliance.  Our goal is to assist you in a helpful, professional and courteous manner with your development and building projects. Whether your project involves construction of a new structure, an addition, remodeling or changing the use of an existing structure, this office will assist you with consultations during the planning, plan review, permitting, and inspection processes. You are encouraged to contact us early in the planning stages of your project in an effort to identify as many issues as possible to help reduce or eliminate delays with your projects.


Zoning & Code Compliance

The following list contains many of the codes this Department administers within the Village of Hobart. The following Links are provided for your convenience. This may not be a complete list of all codes adopted/administered by the Building & Code Compliance Division, but is intended to provide a quick of reference to those codes commonly identified and researched during the design phases of a project. If there are questions regarding code specifics, you are encouraged to contact Village staff.

Municipal Zoning Ordinance (chapter 295)

Municipal Building & Construction Code (chapter 121)

Municipal Nuisance Ordinance (chapter 207)

Building Informational Brochures

The following links contain information related to the specific structure you plan to build:

1 & 2 Family Home

1 & 2 Family Submission Checklist


Code Requirements Applicable to Permitted Construction

Decks / Patios


Garages / Accessory Utility Structures

Improvements in the Right of Way


Swimming Pools

Todd Gerbers_edited.jpg

Todd Gerbers

Director of Planning & Code Compliance

Phone: (920) 869-3809

Fax: (920) 869-2048

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